August 2018 QLD Real Estate Excellence member office update

Available at Member Online as at 5th August 2018. Emailed to members 8th August

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Licensee and administration

Request funds from client to pay accounts

If the lessor does not invoices due to contractors

Response from QCAT regarding identifying the parties in an application


Disclosure of death and other matters to prospective buyers

Property management

Meaning of rental bond

RTA Bond refund procedure

When to claim the bond and if the vacate is disputed by the tenant

If dispute resolution is not successful

Non urgent application to tribunal

If the tenants makes claim to bond prior to agency

If the tenant is awarded the bond due to agency error or oversight

Monies owing above the bond

Bond audit recommendation

Disbursing bond monies paid by the RTA to the agency

QCAT case of the month – Tenant not responsible for tree maintenance

Landlord/lessor newsletter template – Rent in advance