New South Wales membership services and benefits

  To review the member services agreement, please contact us.

Download the NSW membership information brochure here

 NSW Property Management Excellence (PME) membership benefits and services include the following;

Best practice advisory support service for day to day operational matters with focus on best practice, compliance and risk management for property management. Your office only deals with Stacey Holt or Melissa Goody. About us

A Property Management Excellence (PME) 1000 plus page manual full of best practice, compliance, procedures and risk management. View the contents of the 1000 page PME manual here The manual is divided into individual chapters to download what you need at the time and are updated as required due to best practice changes, legislative updates and or NCAT cases. Download the quick chapter guide for NSW PME manual

Best practice letter templates in word to use in emails and letters plus best practice letters designed by request from members View the NSW PME forms and letters best practice guide list here

A 20 plus page landlord listing booklet in word version for your agency final edit View the contents here

 A monthly update (newsletter) service including a landlord newsletter template plus NCAT case of the month for staff training View an example contents member update here

Tenancy sign up presentation (Real Estate Excellence example only), with your logo. Great for risk management, consistency and time management. Given to your agency via a You Tube link plus a CD in .wmv file format. View an example here

Facebook group for member office staff NSW Members - for member office staff

NCAT cases downloaded and loaded to member online for staff training, education and referencing

Discounted training face to face services

No lock in contracts

Please Contact us to review the member services agreement

PME – Property Management Excellence is a product of Real Estate Excellence Academy and is subject to copyright laws and provisions.  Members should always refer to member online to ensure the agency is using the most up to date version of the PME manual and best practice forms.