Property Management 2 day training event - legislation training

Legislation training for QLD and NSW property managers - separate events

24 and 25th August - QLD  More information and or to register, click here   

26 and 27 October - NSW More information and or to register, click hereCick here to review the session plan (course outline)

The 2 day symposium focuses on building not just the required knowledge of the tenancy laws for property managers; but importantly, showing how to actually apply the knowledge of legislation to daily operational practice. The focus of the event is "less fluff, more fact".

Stacey Holt will present the 2 day symposium starting from the beginning of tenancy and working through to the ending of tenancies.'Practical hands on scenarios will be used in conjunction with the demonstration of the necessary legislation.
The theme for the event and the future is "less fluff, more fact". The mission and outcome for the event is to educate industry property managers in becoming more effective and efficient negotiators, communicators and educators. This in turn will assist in alleviating property management stress and burn out.
This event is guaranteed to reignite (or ignite) the passion of career property managers and licensees plus demonstrate the power of knowledge and application of legislation to problem solve, negotiate, communicate and educate tenants and landlords.

Suitable for industry newcomers, experienced property managers and licensees