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Property management training and development - Session outline

This great training and education event presented by Stacey Holt will focus on some of the most important areas of the property management business. 

The Management agreement; best practice completion, the law and what all managers should know. 

Binding the tenant lawfully to the tenancy agreement/contract and beginning the tenancy correctly in order to protect the lessor client and the agency’s best interests 

Best practice completed management and tenancy agreement / contract will be provided and discussed. 

The session will include the below topics from the Property Management Excellence PME manual (part of the PME system)

3.1       The Management Agreement

3.1a     PAMD Form 20a

3.1.1    Exclusive management agreements

3.1.1a   Assignment of appointment

3.1.2    Termination of management agreements

3.1.3    Prior appointment of another agency

3.1.4    Lessor monies and the trust account

3.1.5    Best practice documents to form part of management agreement

3.2       Let only and multi listing appointments

3.3       Other matters when listing property for rent

3.3.1    Rental appraisals

3.3.1a  What to look for when inspecting property before listing for rent

3.3.2    Rental listing sheet

3.3.2a  Furnished properties

3.3.3    Landlord disclosure statement

3.3.4    Title search   Identification of lessors and setting up passwords for lessors

3.3.5    Lessor obligations generally

3.35a   Minimum housing standards

3.3.6    Disclosure of death and other matters to prospective tenants

3.3.7    Lessor insurance details

5.4.1    Offer and acceptance – lessor or tenant withdraws offer

5.4.2    Lessors right to receive applications

5.4.2a Tenants right to receive applications

5.5       Pets and smoking

5.6       Business applications

5.7       Approving tenants

5.7a     If the tenant does not pay monies within the required time frame upon acceptance

5.7.1     Approved and un approved occupants

5.8       Binding the tenant lawfully and acting in the lessor’s best interest

5.8.1   Holding deposits

5.8.2    Setting up passwords for tenants to access information

5.9       Face to face appointments for tenancy sign up

5.10     Script for tenancy sign up in lieu of using the sign up Cd presentation

5.11     Tenants who cannot come into office for sign up appointment

5.12     Sign up script to send via email

5.13     Declined tenancy applications

5.14     Contracting outside the Act

5.15     Doubling up and inconsistency

5.16     Tenants who do not sign the lease in the office and witnessing signatures

6.1       Required forms for tenancy sign ups

6.2       Fixed term and periodic tenancy

6.2a     Tenancies of 6 weeks or lease

6.2.1    Offer and acceptance – lessor withdraws offer of lease

6.3       Standard terms and special terms of the agreement

6.3a     Lessor name on the Form 18a

6.4       Entry condition report

6.4a     Tenant does not return the entry condition report

6.5       Providing the lessor with a copy of the entry condition report

6.6       Best practice procedures and the entry condition report

6.6a     Tenant identifies maintenance on the entry condition report

6.6b     Report returned to agency not agreed upon

6.7       Bonds and bond lodgement requirements

6.7.1    RTA Form 2 – Bond lodgement form

6.7.2    RTA Form 2 – Part payment of bond form

6.8       The importance of the tenant acknowledgement form

6.9       Carpet cleaning, Pest control and the RTRA Act


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Dietary Requirements, workbooks & tickets

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The workbook for the training will be emailed to registered attendees email address for printing or uploading to your device to bring to the event prior to the training day. Please bring your ticket on the day to register for the training.