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Stacey Holt - property management risk management, compliance, time management and best practice


All sessions written and presented by Stacey Holt.

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Stacey Holt has been a speaker at many Queensland and National conferences such as the Property Investor National Conference, REIQ property management conference, Meth Lab Conference, LJ Hooker National Conference, PPM National Conference and First National Conferences. Stacey also presents at her own conferences - the PME Conventions and the PME symposium events.

Stacey has written and presented hundreds (if not thousands) of real estate training programs in Queensland. Many programs have also been written and delivered throughout Australia on best practice and agency risk management. The many programs that have been written and presented by Stacey have all had the four main streams and focus required for today’s real estate professional; best practice, compliance, time managment and risk management.


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