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Property Management Excellence (PME) system

When a chapter/folder of PME is edited and updated, the version date is changed for that chapter/folder.

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How to find the latest version guide of the 39 PME manual chapters/folders.

Login to and download/review the latest chapter version guide as shown below, or email us as part of membership support services. 

Member office staff update form here. (please complete and return in word version)

The following guides are recommended to print /review for ease of knowing what folder has what content.

  • Download the quick chapter guide for PME (the 39 chapters) here. 
  • Tips on how to use the PME system (includes the detailed chapter guide) here.
  • The Sales Excellence manual is part of the PME system.  

Member online

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Real Estate Excellence PME system member offices;  The monthly member update service includes updates to any chapters, best practice form templates and or new best practice forms. Please refer to the bottom of the PME manual chapter (bottom of each page) to check the version guide of each chapter, and or email us if you have any questions and or require support. The chapters are updated often due to QCAT cases, best practice, improvements and or legislation changes. It is important your agency is using the most up to date version.

To access the PME system and Sales Excellence manual login to Member Online. 

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