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The latest (and past) Real Estate Excellence Member updates can be downloaded at Member online in the latest member update folder. Scroll down to review the contents of the Real Estate Excellence monthly Member update service. Member updates are emailed to financial members each month and can be found at Member online login ( in the latest Member update folder. The FREE Real Estate Industry email update which members also receive can be found here.  The  Real Estate Excellence Industry Update is a free service.   Member offices staff update details form here  Public  running blog - RTRA Act review here

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Member updates information in date order below

Member Update April 2022

April Member update information

There are NEW training videos on the NEW tenancy laws commencing 1st October 2022 to view anytime. Go to, login with your office login details. Then go to Latest member update folder as shown below. There you will see latest and past updates, and a folder called Training videos new laws. TEMPLATES in word version to give to lessors is also available in the Latest Member update folder.
Videos ready now to view are as follows.
Pet laws
New laws miscellaneous
Tenant new notice of intention to leave
Minimum housing standards
with more to come.
AAA videos

 April  Member update

The April 2022 Real Estate Excellence Member Update is at Member login ( (latest member update folder) as at 29th March, and will be emailed to Members on the 6th April 2022. The contents are below. Listen to short podcast here.

AAA April 2022



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