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Smoke alarm law amendments

Queensland legislation

A bill has been introduced to Queensland parliament in relation to amending smoke alarm laws - the law in part is proposing to change all smoke alarms to photo electric only.  

The bill is not law and will take some time to go through. The proposed amendments and explanatory notes are available at Member online in the Member updates folder - December 2015 and also the Property Management / PME system folder 03 - smoke alarms.  

Members of Real Estate Excellence shall be kept up to date and advised accordingly via the Member update service.

Stamps to increase to $1 - Extra costs for property management businesses

Australia Post - letter pricing 2015

During 2015 Members of Real Estate Excellence have been advised and updated of the upcoming changes and increased costs for postage by Australia post via the Member Update service

If members require more information and or support regarding this change and advice on how to lower their business costs, please contact us as part of membership services.

On 27 November 2015 the ACCC released its view not objecting to Australia Post’s draft price notification. The ACCC received the draft price notification on 20 August 2015.

Australia Post had proposed introducing a basic postage rate of $1 for letters delivered at a new timetable, which allows an extra two business days for delivery to occur. Postage stamps for letters delivered at the current timetable cost 70 cents. Australia Post’s proposal also includes price increases for the delivery of large letters.

Australia Post is not proposing to increase the price of concession stamps or stamps for seasonal greeting cards.

Australia Post intends that the proposed prices would take effect from 4 January 2016.

The ACCC is required under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 to assess Australia Post’s pricing proposal.

Source November 2015

What is the Property Management Excellence (PME) system and how do I implement?

Property Management Excellence PME system and Sales Excellence manual

Member level = Platinum PME membership 

PME is an acronym for Property Management Excellence. PME is a policies and training system for licensees and property managers on key procedures for Queensland Property Management. 

If your agency invests in the PME system, your membership is Platinum PME level. Access to the system is online 24/7 and the materials are updated online as required due to legislative and or best practice changes.

There are two ways to use the system;

  • As a standalone complete manual (over 600 pages) with the 38 chapters and the hundreds of best practice forms and training videos in their standalone folder online; or

  • The 38 chapters are broken into individual chapters. For example there is a folder called 01 Property Management overview, 02 prospecting, database and enquiries, 03 the management agreement landlord obligations, the law and so forth. There are 38 folders in total plus a couple of miscellaneous folders with each PME chapter extracted from the main manual. The folders include best practice forms relevant to that topic plus training videos that are also relevant.

The PME system also includes the following;

  • Property Management Training Videos online to watch anytime with workbooks – over 50 to view currently.

  • Hundreds of best practice form templates in word version (no merge fields included)

  • FREE Property Management Webinars as scheduled by Real Estate Excellence

  • A personalised (your agency logo) sign up CD to use for tenancy sign ups (also uploaded onto You Tube to refer absentee tenants and lessors) (.wmv file) view examples at Real Estate Excellence example only

  • A 20 plus page landlord listing booklet (for your final edit) to use for listing presentations

  • Best practice forms designed upon written request

  • The 150 plus page Sales Excellence training and procedures manual is included in the PME system. The focus of the Sales Excellence manual is on compliance, best practice and risk management to be used as an everyday tool, procedure and training resource for the office.

No mat on wet stairs - dinner guest wins $782 000

No mat on wet steps, dinner guest wins $782k for fall

A dinner guest who fractured her right ankle in a fall on a damp landing after kissing her hosts goodnight has convinced an appeal court they should pay injury compensation for their failure to place matting at the top of stairs to protect against a rainfall hazard.

Sheran Schultz slipped on the edge of the top step leading down from a dry tiled landing, that had become wet from “blown in” rain.

She alleged Norman McCormack and wife Cathryn – long standing friends whom she had visited many times in all weather conditions – ought to have to have warned her that the tiled landing could become “unusually slippery” if it was wet.

The McCormack’s had owned the home since 1980 and had tiled the entrance landing. After the accident, they painted a nonslip coating across the landing and the steps “as an inexpensive precaution against similar accidents”.

The most important business lesson I have learnt from an airline

As a frequent flyer for many years due to business, I have long chosen and stayed in the main with Qantas as my preferred airline.

I recently moved to Cairns in beautiful far north Queensland whilst also maintaining a home office in Brisbane. 

For the first few months of commuting from my new home, I stayed with what I knew; Qantas. Due to flight times I started looking elsewhere and then flew Jetstar and Virgin a number of times.

The day of writing this blog I have now flown tiger for the first time and wow, what an eye opener. A positive eye opener and a great experience.

The service levels at Qantas in my view and experience have dropped dramatically in recent years. Whenever I phoned, which as a credit to them they do answer quickly, the attitude and lack of service quite frankly has been appalling on many occasions! I have often felt like apologising for phoning them. As a frequent flyer I sometimes have to change flights and didn't need their superior non-helpful attitude which was the consistent experience. The flight attendants also in recent years made me feel like I should thank them for being there as opposed to them being grateful for a paying client. I take no pleasure in writing this but this was by far a common experience for quite some time.