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PME Property Management Excellence manual (latest version) - part of the PME system

When a chapter of PME is edited and updated, the version date will change below for that chapter affected.

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The Sales Excellence manual is part of the PME system. 

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New tenancy law updates - When the RTRA Act review information is announced by the Queensland Government, all chapters of the PME manual will be updated prior to the commencement of new laws. The information provided as part of the PME system is always up to date and current.  Best practice forms and  online podcast audio training will also be updated as part of the legislative changes. Click here to review information regarding the RTRA Act review.

Real Estate Excellence PME system member offices;  The monthly member update service includes updates to any chapters, best practice form templates and or new best practice forms. Please refer to the bottom of the PME manual chapter (bottom of each page) to check the version guide of each chapter, and or email us if you have any questions and or require support. The chapters are updated often due to QCAT cases, best practice, improvements and or legislation changes. It is important you are using the updated version. 

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Property Management Excellence (PME) training podcast series

FREE training from Stacey Holt - listen in your car, in the office, anytime.

PME system members;  the existing training videos which form part of the system, are going to be replaced with podcasts - the podcasts will be at Member Online and can be listened to via Audio (M4a files) anytime when completed. They will not be on the Apps listed below as it is a membership benefit. Members could login on their smart phone and play whilst travelling and or remote.  The future training podcasts will marry up with the chapters of the PME manual (38 chapters). Click here PME system member offices  for more information. 

Property Management Excellence Stacey Holt  podcasts are available on most podcast apps such as Apple, Google, Spotify. Search Property Management Excellence or Stacey Holt to find the podcasts on the App of your choice as mentioned above. Property Management Excellence training podcasts  - Listen here on PC.

 Podcast topics include the following;

Welcome podcast and what the podcast is all about (first podcast released) 

Not all business is good business - why we should sometimes say no thanks

Tips for dealing with vacant property

Electronic signatures and tenancy lease contracts

Property management isn't difficult; people can be. The big C.

New business tip - do your own podcasts

New business tip - the first 24 hours after listing

Don't make or take a phone call without this system - tips for property managers

New business tip - has your agency got a You Tube account?

Minimum housing standards for Queensland rental property

I hope the title property manager dies before I do

Tips for Property Management Excellence success 

How to deal with rude people; tips and more 

Imagine not getting paid; look after your contractors 

Property managers cannot always be available

Lease renewals; does your agency work for free?

Best practice documents recommended to be used when signing up a new lessor client

Dispute and self resolution tips for property managers

Smile when you dial - tips for phone calls 

Did you get my email phone call or 2nd emails; tips for PM’s on how to avoid 

The 5 reasons property managers carry out routine inspections

Outsourcing and property management - my concerns

Landlord Public liability insurance; a reminder for PM's

Property management tasks and time management 

How do you know who you are dealing with?

Mould in rental property - tenant and landlord responsibilities

Natural disasters and property management best practice tips

Tips for creating and maintaining a successful property management business

Tips on educating landlords as why they should have landlord insurance

Tribunal for property managers - tips for success

What is the role of a career property manager - welcome to the wonderful world of property management

Script for client landlord not wanting to sign management agreement contract.  

Time management tips for property managers

Landlord newsletters and how easily they can be done, plus why they should be done

Proactive property management - maintenance 

Tips on how to survey landlord clients easily

New business tips for growing the rent roll (for BDM's)

What do you do for your management fees? Overcoming landlord objections tips

The KPI's you should have for your property management business

RTRA Act review Queensland - what you need to know (as at 17th January 2019)

Tenancy sign up best practice tips

Entry condition report best practice procedures

Setting up a property management business tips

Application forms and processing best practice

What is thank a property manager day?

Vacate/Final inspection pre vacate best practice tips

Task management vs Portfolio management

How many properties can one property manager manage?

Happy staff = Happy clients. Culture and staff retention

Property Management Excellence  (Queensland)

Rent arrears best practice tips

Rent arrears and the landlord

Why are property managers so mean to each other?

ANZAC day laws for Queensland real estate agencies

Property Management - the pros and cons

February 2019 Real Estate Excellence member office update 

March 2019 Real Estate Excellence member office update

April 2019 Real Estate Excellence member office update

Future podcast online training for PME system member offices

 Property Management Excellence training podcasts  - Listen here

Face to Face training and private in your agency training is available

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Queensland property management half day training events

Property Management training - the property managers main laws

All training and education events are presented by Stacey Holt, and focus on best practice, compliance (legislation), risk management and time management.

All upcoming events can also be found here and register online here, and or email us names and email address of attendees and the event you wish to attend.

Please review terms and condition prior to booking for events.

Session outline

Stacey Holt will present the following during the event;

The Property Occupations Act and regulations; the main law covering property managers and what all property managers should know including conduct standards

The Agents Financial Administration Act and regulations; the property managers 'second main law' and a refresh of what all property managers should know

Trust account law - important reminders on key operational matters plus end of month and the law

Kickbacks and benefits received from third parties - is your agency disclosing?

Record keeping and the law (including electronic record keeping)

Electronic signatures

The PO Form 6 - best practice and compliance tips

The Privacy Act; key reminders and compliance guidelines

An update of the RTRA Act review.

PLEASE NOTE; if the RTRA Act amendments are released prior to any scheduled event, the session will be changed to cover the amendments. All attendees will receive a study guide book electronically which address the scheduled session.

All sessions 9.30am to 12.30pm with morning tea included.

Bundaberg – Tuesday 20th August 2019 | Bundaberg Enterprise Centre Register online here

Brisbane North – Tuesday 9th July 2019 | Kedron-Wavell RSL - Chermside Register online here

Brisbane South – Wednesday 10th July 2019 | The Glen Hotel – Eight Mile Plains Register online here

Cairns – Tuesday 27th August 2019 | Shangri-la Hotel Register online here

Fraser Coast – Wednesday 21st August 2019 | Hervey Bay Coat Club Register online here

Gladstone – Wednesday 7th August 2019 | Yaralla Sports Club Register online here

Gold Coast – Wednesday 17th July 2019 | Parkwood Golf Club  Register online here

Mackay - Thursday, 29 August 2019 | Ocean International Hotel Register online here

Rockhampton – Tuesday 6th August 2019 | Rockhampton Leagues Club Register online here

Sunshine Coast – Thursday 11th July 2019 | Oaks Oasis, Caloundra Register online here

ToowoombaThursday 18th July 2019 | Clive Berghofer Stadium Register online here

Townsville – Wednesday 28th August 2019 | Mercure Townsville Register online here

 Terms and conditions of events - Please read here or email us prior to booking.

All sessions are subject to change at the discretion of Stacey Holt (Real Estate Excellence) and or cancellation. Registered attendees will be advised of any changes to any event they have registered to attend via the email address used for registration.

Membership information

If you would information about the membership options provided by Real Estate Excellence for Queensland agencies, click here or please contact us

Fasttrack property management training special one day events

All sessions held in Brisbane (Kedron Wavell RSL, Chermside)

 Click here for all upcoming half day training and special events

Special one day events | Fasttrack Property Management training

Kedron RSL Chermside | 9.00am arrival for 9.30am start | 3.30pm finish - morning tea & lunch included

New and Renew property management training | special one day event | Friday 14th June 2019 Register online here

A one-day event for property managers with 2 or less years’ experience, and a great refresh for the most experienced property manager. The session focuses on the foundation of property management success, understanding legislation and how to use it, everyday operational property management best practice such as binding a tenant lawfully (including entry condition report and all required documents prior to commencing a tenancy legally) and rent arrears. The best practice completed Form 18a tenancy contract is also provided and discussed.

Experienced property management training | special one day event | Friday 5th July 2019 Register online here

A fast-paced day with expected knowledge of PME Fasttrack for new and renew property management event (above). The day is an advanced property management program focusing on legislation surrounding disputes, tips on resolving disputes, water, vacates, plus a quick overview of QCAT when disputes cannot be resolved. The session also focuses on tips for educating, negotiating and communicating with lessors and tenants. The PO regulation conduct standards are also discussed during this event.

Advanced property management training (QCAT) | special one day event | Friday 26th July 2019 Register online here

The one-day event will have expectation of attendee general knowledge of PME Fasttrack for new and experienced property managers. The session focuses on what forms all property managers should know in relation to tribunal, best practice completion of QCAT forms, how to prepare and present an application tribunal, what legislative sections all property managers should know prior to attending tribunal, plus an overview of QCAT 'case law' and how to find and use the published decisions and appeals in agency practice. A case study for an application for termination for rent arrears and a bond dispute is also covered during this event.

New business property management training | special one day event

Friday 24th May 2019 Register online here and again Friday 23rd August 2019 Register online here

This session focuses on what every business development manager and property manager should know. The course is suitable for property managers and BDM's who deal directly with new landlords plus would suit operational property managers who deal with landlords as part of day to day practice. The session includes education and training on the approved PO form, disclosure requirements of the lessor and agency, tips for educating the lessor in future maintenance for their property, termination of managements, handover of files, landlord obligations by law plus the agent/property manager obligations. The main outcomes of the training are to assist all members of the property management department in understanding the law, best practice and risk management obligations of the lessor when they list their property with the agency plus understanding what the agency obligations are.  The session also provides tips on winning the business, scripts and more.

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Private training in your office, consultancy and more

Stacey Holt - property management risk management, compliance, time management and best practice

All education and training sessions are written and presented by Stacey Holt.

Queensland property management private training and consultancy services. 

(services available for all areas of Australia also).

"Property Management private training" services often also include consultancy and advice. As the training is interactive, with questions about systems and procedures asked and explored, the usual outcomes of most training in your office is revised systems and procedures for compliance, time management, risk management and best practice.  Contact us for a no obligation proposal and the 'property management training menu'.

Stacey Holt has been a speaker at many Queensland and National conferences such as the Property Investor National Conference, REIQ property management conference, Meth Lab Conference, LJ Hooker National Conference, PPM National Conference and First National Conferences. Stacey also presents at her own conferences - the PME Conventions and the PME symposium events.

Stacey has written and presented hundreds (if not thousands) of real estate training programs in Queensland. Many programs have also been written and delivered throughout Australia on best practice and agency risk management. The many programs that have been written and presented by Stacey have all had the four main streams and focus required for today’s real estate professional; best practice, compliance, time management and risk management. Click here for more information about Stacey Holt