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Thank a property manager day

Thank a property manager day 27 November 2020

Thank a property manager day is a day 'invented' by Stacey Holt in 2012. A day that is long overdue to celebrate. I know, everyday is thank a property manager day. The day is usually celebrated on the last Friday of November each year.

27th November 2020

 A day for all to stop, think, and celebrate the wonderful role that property managers play in society.

Organise a breakfast, lunch, morning tea, something, and stop and say thank you career managers of tenancy and property. Even if you have to thank yourself (if that is the case, contact me and I will thank you!)

I would love to see your photos of celebration!  #thankapropertymanager #thankapropertymanagerday

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Latest Real Estate Excellence Industry Update 4th August 2020

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‪Growing the rent roll in uncertain times and some thoughts, plus tips for overcoming management and let fee objections.

‪Apologies for little jumping around of me at beginning of video! I’m not used to sitting down 🪑.... hope these thoughts assist. 9.30 minutes view  here.

Domestic violence and Queensland COVID19 tenancy laws video 8.30 minutes view here.

Platinum PME and Platinum non PME member offices. COVID19 resources at member online video 3 minutes view here.

August Real Estate Excellence member update podcast 2.30 listen here.  Valued members the latest member update is now available to download at Member Online and will be emailed to you Thursday 6th August.

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COVID19 open homes and auctions stage 3 from noon July 3rd 2020

Sourced from July 1 2020 QUEENSLAND

Questions about real estate

I work in the real estate industry; can I conduct an open house inspection on a property?

Yes, open house inspections are permitted. The agent must ensure that they limit the number of attendees to no more than one person per 4 square metres at a time. If the home is less than 200 square metres in size, then the one person per 2 square metre rule will apply, up to 50 people.

The agent should ensure good hand hygiene and frequent environmental cleaning and disinfection is maintained during an open house inspection.

Given the close interaction involved, agents are required to keep a record of all guests’ contact information, including name, phone number, email address and the date and time period of patronage for 56 days (8 weeks) to assist with contact tracing if required.

The agent should ensure that physical distancing including four or two square metres per person, hand hygiene and frequent environmental cleaning and disinfection is maintained during an open house inspection.

Can I go to an auction?

Yes, auctions are permitted but the auctioneer and agents must ensure that they limit the number of attendees to no more than one person per 4 square metres of space available for staging the auction or one person per two square metres if the space is less than 200 square metres.

The event should be staged in such a way that physical distancing is observed and all participants can stay at least 1.5 metres apart if possible.

Given the close interaction involved, agents are required to keep a record of all guests’ contact information, including name, email address, phone number, and date and time of patronage, for 56 days (8 weeks) to assist with contact tracing if required. 

The following information is from the Federal Privacy Commissioner

COVID-19 resources

As COVID-19 restrictions ease, some states and territories are managing the ongoing risks of the virus by requiring businesses to collect personal information about customers and visitors to their premises.

Organisations should securely store this information once it’s collected: avoid recording personal details in a book, notepad or computer screen where others may see it, and limit access to the information to staff who need to see it. 

We have published guidance to assist businesses that are required to collect contact information by State and Territory Directions and Orders. We have also developed a range of COVID-19 advice on privacy and freedom of information for individuals, Australian Government agencies and organisations covered by the Privacy Act 1988.

ATO COVID-19 and residential rental property

Sourced from ATO 20th May 2020

  • COVID-19 and residential rental property

    Many residential rental property owners have had their rental income affected by COVID-19. As a result, your clients may ask you about what they can claim this tax time.

    Our website provides some frequently asked questions (FAQs) and other information to help you and your clients understand their rental property obligations and what information your clients need to give you in order to lodge correctly.

    You and your rental property owner clients can check our FAQs to find out:

    • What expenses are claimable if tenants are not paying their rent under the lease agreement due to COVID-19?
    • Will deductions for rental property expenses stay the same if the property owner reduces the rent charged?
    • Must a back payment of rent or an amount of insurance received for lost rent be included as income?
    • Is a deduction on the interest charged on a rental property loan allowed if the bank defers repayments due to the COVID-19 outbreak?
    • Is the new instant asset write-off deduction available for residential rental property assets?
    • Impacts on short term rental properties.

    See also:

    The above information has been sourced directly from the ATO.