Agencies fined for unlawful entry to rental property - Queensland

Training event QLD August to September 2018

Two recent prosecutions by the Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA) included breaches of 'rules of entry' to rental property. Section 192 to 199 cover rules of entry under the RTRA Act. These requirements are called rules of entry as per section 200. Upcoming property management training throughout Queensland (from August to September 2018 - one session each location) will include this topic as part of the training and education event Click here for more information regarding the training events

Upcoming property management training

What property managers need to know about the RTRA Act regarding special terms. The session will include information on educating lessor clients regarding the Act and carpet cleaning, pools, pest control and more. Best practice completed tenancy agreement/contract will be provided and discussed plus how to bind the tenant lawfully in accordance with the RTRA Act. We shall also discuss 'rules of entry' legislation.

Real Estate Agency fined $10000 and criminal conviction

Real Estate Agency fined $8500 and convicted