ANZAC Day - agents are not allowed to conduct business

Lest We Forget

UPDATED - 21st April 2015 - Real Estate Excellence spoke to a representative of the Department of Justice & Attorney General who advised that property management open homes and all other activities CANNOT occur on ANZAC Day; only receipting for rental payments.

For further clarification please refer to the Government website here. Note that the intention and the spirit of the legislation is that rental receipting only occur.

The Trading (Allowable Hours) Act 1990  (Qld) prohibits the real estate industry from conducting the business of selling real estate on Anzac Day.

Section 34 is set out below. For more information refer to the relevant legislation above and or  phone the Office of Fair and Safe Work Queensland - phone  137468.

34 Real estate sales prohibited

A person must not conduct the business of selling real estate on Anzac Day.

Maximum penalty—40 penalty units.