Business development managers grow your rent roll package (QLD)

Queensland only

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What is our investment for this service? (pricing includes GST)

Non member offices = $770

Platinum PME member offices = $440

Other member offices =  $660

How do I order this service? Simple! Just email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with agency name, contact name and we shall be in touch!

What do we receive?

A landlord 20 minute induction video to use for marketing and education with your agency logo View example here (we will require your agency logo in JPEG format to produce)

A one hour training video on tips to grow the rent roll

A PO Form 6 best practice example and word document explanatory notes to provide to landlords plus landlord disclosure statement template

Risk management word template documents including authority for either party to sign and authorise, advertising proof approval, advertising expenditure approval, proof of identity form, password form to access information and new lessor checklist to handover to operational property managers

BDM weekly report template and new business follow up report template

A Fact sheet for staff training on the new minimum housing standard laws and a half hour training video

A plan for monthly landlord newsletter templates x 12 newsletters

Marketing laws information

2 chapters of the QLD PME manual - see below

40 plus page landlord listing document in word for your final edit for emailing and or printing - see contents below

Chapter/ Folder 2 - Prospecting

2.1       Landlord listing booklet – how to use and what to do

2.1.1    Example scripts for phone enquiry

2.1.1a  Example scripts for email enquiry

2.1.1b  Face to face appraisal and listing presentation tips

2.1.2    Tenant enquiry

2.2       Recommended tasks to grow the rent roll

2.3       Database set up – suggested ways

2.4       Newsletters and content suggestions

2.5       Daily, weekly, monthly plans

2.6       Other growth tips suggestions

2.7       Survey existing lessors

2.8       Direct marketing and the law

2.9       Compliance checklist

2.10     Suggested growing the rent roll business plan

2.11     Overcoming price objections and dealing with ‘discount requests’

Chapter Folder 3                The management agreement

3.1       The Management Agreement

3.1a     PAMD Form 20a

3.1.1    Exclusive management agreements

3.1.1a Assignment of appointment

3.1.2    Termination of management agreements

3.1.3    Prior appointment of another agency

Landlord listing booklet

Contents of this document

Welcome to our agency

Our Team and Our Services

What services we carry out for our management fees

The management agreement and explanation of the PO Form 6

Lessor Obligations including pest control. body corporate by laws and minimum housing standard laws

Title Search requirements

Legal Impediment and Disclosure of Material Facts

Vacant Possession

Tenant Selection and Discrimination plus Pets

Smoke Alarms and Safety Switches

Pool Safety Laws

Tenant rights and obligations under the RTRA Act

Entry to the property and notice periods

General Routine Inspections

Maintenance obligations – emergency and routine

General risk management

Keys, locks and security

Rent arrears

Tenancy breaches other than rent arrears


Tenancy Agreement – the RTA Form 18a – Fixed Term and Periodic Agreements

Special terms to the agreement

Garden/Tree and other General Maintenance

Termination of Tenancies


Disbursement of rental funds and the rental statement

Management Agreement

Landlord insurance

Public liability insurance and other insurance

Budget recommendations

Our Communication policy

Our Privacy policy