Latest Real Estate Excellence Industry Update 4th August 2020

Emailed to our free mailing list 4th August 2020

Good morning, we hope this note finds you well. We thought you and the team may benefit from the below information.

‪Growing the rent roll in uncertain times and some thoughts, plus tips for overcoming management and let fee objections.

‪Apologies for little jumping around of me at beginning of video! I’m not used to sitting down 🪑.... hope these thoughts assist. 9.30 minutes view  here.

Domestic violence and Queensland COVID19 tenancy laws video 8.30 minutes view here.

Platinum PME and Platinum non PME member offices. COVID19 resources at member online video 3 minutes view here.

August Real Estate Excellence member update podcast 2.30 listen here.  Valued members the latest member update is now available to download at Member Online and will be emailed to you Thursday 6th August.

Thank you.