Licensee disqualified for employing non registered salesperson


PROFESSIONS AND TRADES – LICENSING OR REGULATION OF OTHER PROFESSIONS, TRADES OR CALLINGS – OTHER PROFESSIONS, TRADES AND CALLINGS – whether the respondent should be disqualified from holding a real estate licence for employing a person who did not hold a registration certificate as a real estate person – whether the prior conduct of the respondent should be taken into account in determining sanction – whether there are mitigating factors present – where the consumer did not suffer any loss as a result of the conduct – where the consequences of disqualifying the respondent are significant – where public interest considerations were accorded significant weight – where determination of the appropriate sanction is a balancing exercise – where the respondent was disqualified from holding a real estate licence – whether the tribunal should make a costs order – where a fine was issued for unsatisfactory trust accounting – where the parties must bear their own costs

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