Postage time frames - QCAT view


Real Estate Excellence recently wrote to QCAT seeking written confirmation and guidance for the industry in relation to postage time frames.

Since Australia Post mailing changes commencing in January 2016, there has been some confusion, frustration and angst in the industry in relation to views and interpretations on how much postage to add to notice periods required in the RTRA Act.

Below is an extract from information provided to Real Estate Excellence from QCAT. Before reading below, please ensure that you understand notice periods under the RTRA Act.

The examples below provided by QCAT, relate to the RTA Form 11. Section 328 is the relevant section of the Act that states the relevant notice period in relation to a RTA Form 11 Notice to Remedy Breach which 7 days (clear days meaning midnight to midnight calculation period). Other notice periods for matters under the Act greatly differ such as 2 months notice to leave for without grounds.

Members of Real Estate Excellence - If you require any further assistance on this matter and or would like our fact sheet "issuing, giving, serving notice' which includes information about email and creating evidence of serving documents, please contact us

QCAT conservative guidelines for RTA Form 11

  • * Post - 17 days (7 days required notice by law) plus post
  • * Express post - 11 days ( 7 days required notice by law) plus express post
  • * Hand delivery - 7 days
  • * Email - 7 days