Property Management Excellence (PME) system podcasts (Member offices only)

Online training podcasts for member office (PME system)

PME system members;  the existing training videos which form part of the system, are going to be replaced with podcasts - the podcasts will be at Member Online and can be listened to via Audio (M4a files) anytime when completed. They will not be on the Apps listed below as it is a membership benefit. Members could login on their smart phone and play whilst travelling and or remote. The audio training can also be heard on your PC in the office.  The future training podcasts will marry up with the chapters of the PME manual (38 chapters). Click here to view more information and topics

The following podcasts are currently being produced and will be at member online in the near future.

Understanding the PO Act and regulations

The management agreement PO Form 6 – the law, best practice and completion

PO Regulations – what all property managers and salespeople should know

When do staff need a certificate

The PO Form 6 – residential sales; the law, best practice and completion

The Sales Excellence manual (part of the PME system) – an overview

Landlord and seller disclosure and agents duty

Identifying the client – the law and best practice

Privacy Act – what procedures your agency should have

Direct marketing laws; Privacy Act, Do Not Call register and the Spam Act


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