Property Management training - New smoke alarms laws and more

Queensland property management training

Break lease and changed of shared tenancy training will be delivered throughout Queensland.  The new smoke alarm laws that commence 1 January 2017 in Queensland shall be discussed during this training.
Stacey Holt from Real Estate Excellence will present the following content during this interactive education workshop. Real Estate Excellence always focuses on risk management, compliance and best practice. A comprehensive workbook will be provided with the content below. The information below is from chapter 14 and 15 of the PME manual.
14.1 What is a break lease?
14.1.1 Ending the tenancy via mutual agreement
14.2 Excessive hardship and the tenant
14.2.1 Excessive hardship and the lessor
14.3 Break lease procedure
14.4 The legislation generally and more procedures
14.4a Charging the lessor the letting fee before the tenant pays
14.4.1 Compensation from a tenant due to break lease and or early ending of the tenancy
14.4.1a Advertising the property for a lower rent for a break lease
14.5 If the tenant hands the keys in to the property for a break lease
14.6 Rent arrears and break lease
14.7 Tenant gives a form 13 and vacates the property (break lease)
15.1 What is a change of shared tenancy?
15.1.1 The legislation
15.2 One or more tenants moving out of the property (one or more tenants remaining)
15.3 One or more new tenants moving into the property (with existing tenant remaining)
15.4 Charging tenants for change of shared tenancy arrangements
15.5 Disputes between co-tenants and approved occupants
15.6 Change of shared tenancies and the RTA