Residential sales training - Qld rental laws

An hour and a little bit more of power private training session

The RTRA Act sets out the ‘rules of entry’ for rental property in Queensland. Breaching rules of entry provisions are penalty unit provisions if investigated and or prosecuted by the Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA). This great active presentation by Stacey Holt can greatly assist salespeople and administrators of the laws relating to sales and rental property in Queensland.

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Topics of the session are as follows;

Salespeople and rental property

Disclosure to tenants prior to commencing tenancy

When a Form 10 Notice of intention to sell should be given to tenants – the law

Entry requirements to access rental property

Handing out of keys to salespeople

If a rental property goes on the market for sale in the first 2 months of a tenancy

If a tenant refuses entry to show buyers through

Notice periods for entry and how to calculate notice periods

Notice periods expiring on a weekend or public holiday

Building and pest inspections and sales

Taking photos

Open homes and onsite auctions

Notice periods for vacant possession for a contract of sale

Transfer of the tenancy by the lessor

Listing a property for rent that has not yet settled

The RTRA Act and contract of sale – the seller becomes the tenant