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The focus of the Sales Excellence manual is on compliance, best practice and risk management to be used as an everyday procedure and training resource for the administrator, licensee and the salespeople of the agency. The resource is Queensland legislation focused. 

The Sales Excellence (SE) manual is similar in concept and design to the existing  Property Management Excellence PME system.  The Sales Excellence manual also includes best practice forms. The manual is over 400 pages.

Contents of the Sales Excellence manual

Chapter 1                          Residential sales overview

Chapter 2                          Enquiries, databases and prospecting

Chapter 3                          The listing appointment and listing the property

Chapter 4                          Advertising and showing property

Chapter 5                          Rental property for sale

Chapter 6                          Disclosure and the law

Chapter 7                          Beneficial interest and the law

Chapter 8                         Auctions and the law

Chapter 9                          Pricing, appraisals and the law

Chapter 10                       Contracts

Chapter 11                       Time management

Chapter 12                       Filing and record keeping

Chapter 13                       File notes and follow up

Chapter 14                       Property Occupations regulations

Chapter 15                       Agency policies in general

Chapter 16                       Relevant legislation references

Chapter 17                       Clearance certificates

Chapter 18                       Trust accounting