Thank a Property Manager Day

Thank a Property Manager Day Friday 26th November 2021

Thank a Property Manager day is a day 'invented' by Stacey Holt in 2012. A day that is long overdue to celebrate. I know, everyday is thank a property manager day. The day is usually celebrated on the last Friday of November each year.

 Friday 27th November 2020

Friday 26th November 2021


 A day for all to stop, think, and celebrate the wonderful role that property managers play in society.

Organise a breakfast, lunch, morning tea, something, and stop and say thank you career managers of tenancy and property. Even if you have to thank yourself (if that is the case, contact me and I will thank you!)

I would love to see your photos of celebration!  #thankapropertymanager #thankapropertymanagerday

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