Tips for growing the rent roll

The following information has been sourced from the PME manual (part of the PME system).

PME manual Chapter 2 - Paragraph 2.2 Recommended tasks to carry out to grow the rent roll – working with the sales team. Suggestions below with the consent of the licensee.


  • Carry out written rental appraisals for all current sales listings (and all future listings). The aim of the agency is to generally sell the property however, renting is another option for the client if the property is not selling for many reasons. The main reason to carry out a rental appraisal is in the event the future buyer is an investor, the rental appraisal is ready immediately.
  • Attend sales meeting for ten minutes each meeting to receive any leads and share information and generally discuss market conditions.
  • Attend sales open homes where able and work with the sales team to promote the property management business.
  • Ensure sales open home and sales marketing information includes brochures and marketing about the property management department.
  • “Work” with the sales team and encourage open communication and team work.
  • Ensure a lead generation system from the sales team is implemented and maintained in the office.

Contact all current residential sales listing sellers, with the permission of the licensee (plus implement a system to ensure that all future listings also receive an appraisal).

More scripts, tips and information for growing the rent roll can be found at folder/chapter 2 of the PME manual (part of the PME system)