Why property managers need support and understanding from all

As I write this, I have just hung up from my third property manager in as many days who is dealing with a suddent death of a tenant. The tears and emotion are heartbreaking to hear.

Property managers don't just manage property and or tenancy; they are caught up in some of societies hardest issues; death, domestic violence, drugs and separations.

Over the weekend, I assisted two property managers who had found out their tenants have suicided, my first call yesterday from a property manager was advice for a domestic violence situation where the perpetrator had been arrested, the victim placed in a safe house with their children and the rental property smashed up in a drug fuelled violent rage.

My business receives request from our members for support and advice regarding drugs, domestic violence and suicide at least four times a week.

Want to bag a property manager? Walk a mile in their shoes before you do so...

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Death of a sole tenant

Domestic violence in a rental property