Why your agency should be a member of Real Estate Excellence

Real Estate Excellence commenced January 4, 2010.

Below are the top ten reasons your agency should be a member of Real Estate Excellence. For more information about membership, and the many benefits to your agency, please click here. 

Our membership agreements are 'periodic' with no lock in contracts. Click here for audio as to why your agency should be a member office of Real Estate Excellence.

Real Estate membership support service are only available for Queensland. Private training and consultancy services are available for Queensland, and areas outside of Queensland, click here for more information.  If you would like more information about our membership services and the many affordable options for your agency, please contact us.

  1. When there are legislative changes, significant QCAT cases published or changes to RTA or OFT forms, members are advised promptly. Members are advised via email to the email addresses as part of membership services on the same day, or the next day including weekends if needed (ready for Monday). 
  2. Best practice support services are only provided by Stacey Holt or Melissa Goody. We share the same email and phone number. Prompt almost immediate replies to email support.
  3. Discounted education and training events held throughout Queensland at least three times a year in each region. Special events are at discounted rates for members. 
  4. Many best practice form/email templates. Best practice forms/email templates designed if able upon request.
  5. The Property Management Excellence (PME) system; 2000 plus pages, 39 chapters, which includes everything Queensland property management. Great for staff training, development, procedures and more.
  6. Monthly Member update (newsletter) including landlord newsletter template, QCAT ‘case of the month’, and education and advice for licensee, administration, sales and property management. I see this service as one of the most important services to member offices. There is always something to update your office on.
  7. The Sales Excellence manual (part of PME system); 400 pages, 16 chapters of everything Queensland residential sales.
  8. QCAT cases published relating to property management are uploaded to Member Online for members to review anytime for development, interest and training.
  9. 24/7 online access to Member Online. Access for best practice forms, procedures, member updates and more. Anytime, anywhere. Access what you need, when you need it. 
  10. Our business focus and passion are on risk management, best practice and compliance. Our job is to make your job easier where we can. Our job is to assist your business in continuing to be successful. 

Industry advocacy to Government is also part of the role of Real Estate Excellence. 

When I began Real Estate Excellence Academy January 4, 2010, my focus was on providing personal and professional support services. I have never lost that focus and my why. Stacey Holt, Company Director.