Membership, training, private training services for the Queensland Real Estate industry.

Membership services, benefits and options

Real Estate Excellence Member Updates

There are four options for Real Estate Excellence membership services depending on your agency needs, wants and budget

Please email us and or contact us to receive the membership services agreement. 

The membership services agreement outlines the services and benefits, plus the investment costs. 

Scroll down to review some of the mamy benefits of Real Estate Excellence membership services.

No lock in contracts. (Periodic agreement with first three months in advance required upon commencement of services). Payments in advance via credit card (secure online) or direct deposit. Client nominates monthly, three months, six months or yearly on the membership agreement. 

Online access to member online is given when the first membership account is paid.

PME – Property Management Excellence is a product of Real Estate Excellence Academy Pty Ltd and is subject to copyright laws and provisions.  Members should always refer to member online to ensure the agency is using the most up to date version of the PME manual and best practice forms.

Personal individual membership for operational property managers is also available. This service is for property managers whose licensee/business owners choose to not be a member office of Real Estate Excellence and is not needed for property managers who are with a member office of Real Estate Excellence.  Contact us to receive the membership services agreement including investment for the service of personal individual membership. 

member online

Service provided

Refer to the membership services agreement for all terms of agreement and investment costs for services. Please email us to receive.

Non PME Gold Advisory
  • Best practice advisory support services for sales, licensee, administration and property management. About us (

  • PME – Property Management Excellence policies and training system and Sales Excellence manual –  (no further costs other than Platinum PME membership).Click the link below for chapter guides, detailed chapter guides and more. 

    Property Management Excellence (PME) system (

  • Monthly member updates emailed to members including compliance, best practice and risk management information for residential sales, residential property management, licensee, and administration. The member update includes industry updates regarding important information. Real Estate Excellence Member Update

  • Discounted face to face training provided by Real Estate Excellence (does not include PME convention and special events). Half day public training events only. Discounted rates for special one day events. PME Training events (

    $70 per person $70 per person $80 per person $80 per person
  • All Real Estate Excellence best practice forms and information for residential property management, licensee, residential sales and administration via online access 24/7. Member online login (

  • Best practice email/letter templates designed upon written request.

  • Facebook member’s private group access for information and networking (1) Real Estate Excellence - Stacey Holt SHREE members private group | Facebook and the exclusive Instagram members only group.Go to Insta, search @shreemembers and DM your name and member office.

  • As it happens member update – important industry matters are emailed to members ‘as it happens’ (if the event occurs in between the member update period). Real Estate Excellence Member Update

  • Lessor/Property owner newsletter emailed with the member update each month to use at each end of month – all you need to do is put your logo on the document and make any minor additions

  • QCAT case of the month emailed to your office with the member update.

  • Online access 24/7 to member online Member online login (

  • QCAT cases uploaded to member online to review anytime.

  • Real Estate Excellence Member office sticker for office front window and use of logo for agency to demonstrate professional association.

    Member logo

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Adams and Jones tenancy sign up presentation
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