There are four membership options to choose from as part of Real Estate Excellence membership services


The options for agency membership services are Platinum PME, Platinum non PME, Gold and Advisory.

Personal individual membership for property managers is also available. Click here for more information. 

Contact us to receive the membership services agreement including investment for the service (Agency membership services)

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The following information is for Platinum Property Management Excellence (PME) membership level, which is the highest membership level available.

  • The PME manual contains 39 property management chapters full of procedures, compliance and risk management. The chapters are updated online when required due to legislative and or best practice changes.  Click here to view the latest version guide and detailed chapter guide of the PME manual. 
  • Over 50 training videos online to view online anytime. The videos will soon be updated and change to a 'podcast type' audio file format. Click here for more information. 
  • A 15-minute tenancy sign up presentation with your agency logo to save on time plus for risk management. View example here
  • 40 plus page landlord listing booklet to help win new business and educate investors.
  • Best practice form/email templates and information online for property management, sales and licensee.
  • Sales Excellence manual; 400 plus pages of compliance, best practice and risk management advice divided into 16 chapters, plus sales best practice forms.  More information here regarding the Sales Excellence manual.

 Best practice email advisory and support services in the areas of residential property management, sales, administration and licensee matters. Personalised and professional services provided by Stacey Holt (Company Director) and Melissa Goody (Membership services manager).  About us

Monthly member update sent via email to member nominated staff which contains best practice advice and up to date information relevant to the industry for sales, licensee, administration and property management. The updates are important for staff training, agency best practice and agency risk management. The Member updates also keep the office up to date with what is happening in the areas of best practice, compliance and risk management in all areas of residential real estate.

Landlord monthly education/information newsletter template. All your agency needs to do is personalise by inserting your agency logo and making the file PDF to email to existing clients and future clients on your mailing list. 

QCAT decisions and appeals are uploaded to member online, plus a QCAT 'case of the month' is provided each month with the member update monthly service as part of staff training and development.

Facebook private member offices group. A great way to keep up to date immediately (important updates are emailed to members).

Face to face training held throughout Queensland is only $70 per person including GST  (Real Estate Excellence public half day training events and discounts for special events). More information here

No lock in contracts. (periodic agreement with first three month in advance required upon commencement of services.)

Online access to member online is given when the first membership account is paid.

PME – Property Management Excellence is a product of Real Estate Excellence Academy and is subject to copyright laws and provisions.  Members should always refer to member online to ensure the agency is using the most up to date version of the PME manual and best practice forms.

Four membership options; Download the Queensland membership brochure here and or please contact us.

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