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RTRA Act review - Queensland tenancy law reform

Updates are and will be provided to Real Estate Excellence member offices via the Real Estate Excellence Member Update and posted in the Member Facebook and Instragram groups Real Estate Excellence - Stacey Holt SHREE members private group and SHREE members.   Updates and information are also provided as part of training events. 

Scroll down to 29th June 2021 for information regarding the Bills and submission information.

RTRA 2020

11th November 2020 - 2021 and residential tenancy law

With the Labor Government re-elected for its third term on 31st October 2020, the proposed tenancy changes due in 2020 will most likely proceed in 2021. The proposed changes under Labor were poised to be introduced into Parliament as per their public schedule and then Covid began. The proposed laws were paused and the Covid temporary tenancy regulations were created. A comprehensive outline of the proposed changes was provided to Members of Real Estate Excellence as part of the December 2020/January 2021  Member Update  service. 

 review timeline

The following blog is in date order of events, announcements and submissions. Please scroll down to review. The blog begins (from the bottom of the blog) from when the Act started being reviewed in 2012, then 2014 and the Government housing strategy release in 2016. The Act was amended 10 November 2017 to allow for the regulation of minimum housing standards for Queensland rental property. The regulation is yet to be released for minimum housing standards.  (as noted below in date order of blog)  Stacey Holt 

24th September 2020 - A short video update regarding the Queensland tenancy law review here. 


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