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Thank a Property Manager Day

Thank a Property Manager Day Friday 26th November 2021

Thank a Property Manager day is a day 'invented' by Stacey Holt in 2012. A day that is long overdue to celebrate.  The day is usually celebrated on the last Friday of November each year. The next date is Friday 26th November 2021.  View short video here.

A day for all to stop, think, and celebrate the wonderful role that property managers play in our industry, communities and society.

Organise a breakfast, lunch, morning tea, something, and stop and say thank you career managers of tenancy and property. Even if you have to thank yourself (if that is the case, contact me and I will thank you!)

I would love to see your photos of celebration!  #thankapropertymanager #thankapropertymanagerday

 Friday 26th November | Thank a Property Manager Day - The Active Property Manager - One day special event (Brisbane)

Detailed session outline, online registration, and investment can be found here.

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